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Beauty School Dropout

Just when you thought rock was dead, enter LA based band Beauty School Dropout (BSD), blasting into the rock world with no intention of slowing down. The trio, comprised of Lead singer Colie Hutzler, producer/guitarist Bardo and bassist Beepus, has become the talk of the town with their striking look, infectious tunes and mesmerizing live shows. With the immediate co-sign and executive production of Fever333’s Jason Aalon Butler and Legendary punk producer Rob Cavallo, the band’s first EP “Boys Do Cry” was born. The 5-song release was a massive success, hitting all the prominent rock and alt playlists, a global premier on Sirius XM, and numerous spins on LA’s Iconic radio station, 106.7 KROQ. The live shows around the EP saw the band performing to continuous sold-out audiences.

The success of “Boys Do Cry” and the buzz throughout the rock world garnered the attention of a new disruptive label VERSWIRE (Mark Hoppus: Blink 182, Pete Wentz: Fallout Boy and Sherry Saaedi: Veeps). In February of 2022 the band signed with Verswire as the labels first signing and it was off to work!

With the release of their infectious new single, “Assassin” (May 25th) plus its accompanying music video and live show as well as upcoming worldwide touring, 2022 is just the beginning of BSD’s global domination.